Sistan & Balouchestan province lies on the south-east of the country and is one of the largest provinces of Iran. This province borders on Soutern Khorasan province & Afghanistan from the north, Pakistan & Afghanistan from the east, Oman Sea from the south and kerman & Hormozgan provinces from the west.
The province extends from the beautiful lake Hamun in the north to the indigo plain of the Oman Sea in the south. There are 19 cities in the province, Zahedan is the centre of province. The cities: Zabol, Zahak, Hamoon, Hirmand, Nimrooz and Mirjaveh are in the north and Khash, Iranshahr, Saravan, Sibsooran, Mehrestan, Sarbaz , Ghasreghand, Nikshahr, Fannoj, Dalgan, Chabahar and Konarak are in the south.
The area of the province is 187500 sq km 1600km joint border with Pakistan & Afghanistan and 300km water border on the coast of Oman Sea.
It has a population of 2240000 people from different ethnic groups. The religion of people here is Islam and both Shiite & Sunni Muslims live together. This land is full of faith, faith in Islam. The language of residents is Persian and they speak with two distinct accents Baluchi and Zaboli. The province lies on the south-east of Iran with two different structures. In the north Dasht- e- Sistan formed by Hirmand alluvium holds the largest fresh water lake of the world as well as Khaje Mountain. The 120-day winds are a distinguishing feature of this region. The southern part is mostly mountainous with a variety of climates due to the vicinity with Taftan Volcano & Oman Sea.